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Jimmys farm produce organic pork meat. Organic food is produced using methods aimed at enhancing the environmental health of the farm ecosystem. The philosophy of organic farming is that farmers work with nature and natural systems to enhance soil, plant and animal health, which leads to a better environment and improved human health. Jimmys
The organic production covers all the systems that promote the environmental, social and economically healthy production of food and industrial first materials. These local systems consider the fertility of soil as base of productive faculty, respecting the plants and the environment, the innate characteristics of animals, improving at the same time the quality in all the interdepended factors. The biological production decreases considerably the inputs to the cultivation, avoiding the use of chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotic and other medicines. It on the contrary allows, in the powerful laws of nature to increase the yield and the resistance in the illnesses. Provides that the animals are raised under physiologic conditions, without the use of hormones, antibiotics consuming forages that were produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers and additives. The organic production makes a total approach to the system of agricultural production. It tries to improve the agricultural production with the use and the growth of local productive resources, the stabilisation and strengthening local, regional rural production.
In a forest with beeches, oaks, chestnut trees, where springs with crystal waters spurt from the ground, we leave the animals to grow easily, freely, in their habitat. The absolute freedom of movement and the nutrition of animals at the bigger part with fruits of forest, acorns, chestnuts, mushrooms, various tubers and roots, have as result the production of exceptional quality of meat with separate flavour. Without use of medicines, antibiotic and augmentative hormones. Consumer demand for organic pork is rising. Some pork producers may wish to capture part of this niche market. The information on organic pork requirements presented here is only a general overview. For detailed information, refer to Canada's Organic Production Systems - General Principles and Management Standards or contact a certifying body that meets your needs for production and marketing. Organic pork production takes time, hard work, and facility and management changes to meet all the requirements. It requires research to determine whether this type of production system is appropriate for your operation. It is not for all pork producers.

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